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Putting people and technology together is what we do.  Awesome + User-friendly = Happy customer.  Hearing positive feedback from our customers about our design process, products, and service motivates us to get better every day. 



We only sell products that are built to last.

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Our number one priority.  Create a system that is best for our client.

Customer satisfaction


A satisfied customer is our only customer.

What some of our clients think about us.

I loved everything

“First and foremost – I loved everything about my experience with Vessel Audio and working with Dan was exactly how I picture a great customer services experience: friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, reliable, responsive and fast.”

-Nils B., Phoenix, AZ

Shipping turnaround was quick

“Vessel was fantastic to work with when considering the purchase of a VSSL A.6x. Dan was prompt in answering my queries. Upon purchase, shipping turnaround was quick.”

-Travis C., Los Altos, CA

The support is stellar

“The support is stellar and the responsiveness is impeccable. It was like working with a local retailer that really wants your support. Should I need any other audio components, I will consider Vessel first.”

-Anthony H., Eugene, OR

The right amp for my setup

“Dan was fantastic helping me find the right amp for my setup, and supporting through installation. The great service certainly doesn’t stop with the purchase! Will go back for all my audio needs.”

-Garrett G., San Francisco, CA

Very professional and responsive

“Updated home system including porch and pool area with VSSL A.1 amplifiers. Couldn’t be happier. Dan was very professional and responsive. He clearly has the expertise and experience..”

-John C., Hilton Head, SC

Excellent service!

“Excellent service! Their staff was very helpful and constantly communicated with me. I highly recommend buying your audio equipment here!”

-Fernando R., Denver, CO.

Appreciate the service

“Used Vessel Audio to get a two VSSL A series amplifiers to use with some Bose speakers that were in my house when I moved in. The system works great and I really appreciate the service I had from Dan at Vessel Audio.”

-Mark H., Wheaton, IL

Authorization is Important

Consumers should always purchase from Authorized Resellers.  Imagine buying electronics from a guy out of the trunk of his car.  A sketchy guy at a gas station selling you a DVD player, constantly looking over his shoulders for the police.  Likely, the merchandise is either stolen, broken, or a knockoff version of what you think you are purchasing.

All of the products that we sell at Vessel Audio are through a contracted authorization process by the manufacturers and/or their regional distributors.  Therefore, purchasing from an authorized dealer supports your purchase with a full manufacturer warranty and support.   When you purchase items from Vessel Audio, not only will you have the manufacturer’s support, but you will have our support staff in your corner to assist wherever is needed.

Our Story

Vessel Audio was started in 2019 by Dan Anton, a 20+ year veteran of the Audio/Video and smart home automation business.  In those 20 years, the A/V industry changed dramatically from tube televisions and large sound systems, to flat panel TVs and soundbars.  But in that period, we noticed a huge shift in what the industry was selling.  As the price of flat-panel televisions sank, so did the margins and quality that went along with it.  Expensive remote controls and automation systems were designed and sold to fill those extra margins and forced onto the customer.

When we started Vessel Audio, we wanted to focus purely on the marine audio market with the best service in the industry.  As time went on, our clients reached out to us to provide that same service for their homes and businesses.  Since then, we have moved into a position to ensure we sell and support all of our client’s technical needs.

At Vessel Audio, we only sell products that are consumer-friendly.  We do not believe that good service means regular technician support, monthly service fees, or constant warranty issues.

Vessel Audio is an authorized reseller (like a Best Buy) of everything that is sold through our website.  That means that when you purchase from Vessel Audio, you are purchasing through a small business with access to full warranties and support from the manufacturers.

Enjoying music should be…well, enjoyable.  Let us help you enjoy your home, yacht, or business more.

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