Complimentary Design Services


Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like music?  I didn’t think so.   Adding audio delivers an enjoyable and unique value to your home like no other.

Architectural Speakers

Designed to match the decor and seamlessly blend into your living spaces.  In-ceiling and in-wall speakers deliver high fidelity sound in a sleek, hidden design.

Hi-Fi Stereo

Create a cozy escape in a room with warm tones of a high fidelity audio system.  Add an Art Deco bourbon bar, a leather seating arraignment, and a turntable and you have a setting straight out of Mad Men.

Multi-Room Audio

Stream music wirelessly throughout a home seamlessly with your voice or the push of a button.  Multi-room audio can be integrated into Hi-Fi stereos, Architectural speakers, and stand alone portable speakers.

Landscape Audio System

If you enjoy spending time outside, adding a landscape audio system delivers an added level of pleasure.  Concealed speakers around the perimeter of a lawn or a party thumping system around the pool will keep you outside longer.

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We are proud of our company’s name.  You want your home automation system to work in an instant, you deserve service in an instant, and nothing is going to happen unless we reply to you in an instant!

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