Complimentary Design Services

 Home Theater

Lights, camera, action! 

Enjoy a massive home theater screen and an immersive surround sound system in the comfort of your own home.  Pop your own popcorn, press pause when nature calls, and route for your favorite team on the biggest and best system in the neighborhood. 

Home Theater - Video

A properly designed projector and screen can really make a room amazing.  With custom options that go one for miles, we will create the home theater you have always wanted in your home.

Home Theater - Audio

The picture is only 50% (or less) of the experience.  Adding the proper audio system your home theater or television can make all the difference in the world.  Imagine watching  “Saving Private Ryan” with no speakers.  Or the pleasure of never again hearing a family member ask “what did he just say”?

Flat Panel Televisions

We off the best brands and the latest in flat panel technology.  Picking a television can get confusing, but our professional will help you get exactly what you are expecting, and then some.

Golf (and...) Simulators

How cool would it be to play golf all year round during any conditions?  Heat, rain, even a COVID-19 quarantine won’t slow down your game.  We sell, install, and service a variety of simulators to match your space and handicap.

Our simulators are not limited to golf.  Add on baseball, soccer, hockey, and more to your golf simulator for hours of fun.

Simplified Control

We believe (and know from experience) that most control systems just don’t work the way they are sold to us.  Our systems are simplified and focused on general control with a physical remote control in the entertainment areas, physical light dimmers for lights, and thermostats you can touch for your HVAC systems.  All with the added (free) feature of using a mobile app when the user wants to explore.

Contact Us

We are proud of our company’s name.  You want your home automation system to work in an instant, you deserve service in an instant, and nothing is going to happen unless we reply to you in an instant!

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