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Understanding Speaker Classes

So you are looking to purchase new speakers for your home or boat, but you don’t know what a speaker sounds like by looking at a picture online.  We get it!  Every speaker manufacturer has different specifications to make their speakers different.  At Vessel Audio, we combined all of our speaker lines and put them into one of four different classes.  This helps our clients understand a price point and a quality they should expect once they install them in their environment.

Contractor Speaker

We work a lot of different builders and electricians from around the world to integrate audio, video, and WiFi in their clients homes.  Many of these clients have hired their contractor to save some money by having the same company that is running electric wiring to run speaker wire, CAT6, and other low-voltage options.  The Contractor-series speaker is typically a price point speaker for simple background music.  We would not recommend a speaker like this in any serious listening rooms like a home theater or living room where superior sound quality might be requeted.

Designer speaker

Advantage Speaker

Taking the heat up a little, we get into what we call our “Advantage” class of speakers.  In this class we feel that the client is looking for a step up in quality from the contractor series.  Advantage speakers typically are the entry level line of speakers from an audio/video retailer.  Again, I would not expect to have these in a serious listening area, but if you are looking for a background speaker with a little more boom, the Advantage class of speakers might be worth looking into.

Integrity Speaker

Now we’re getting into the good stuff!  Our class of “Integrity” speakers are made for those who want a better sounding speaker in their home or boats.  This is a great step-up speaker which can perform better than the “Advantage” class typically in regards to bass and treble.  The “Integrity” class is ideal for the client who wants to hear fantastic audio, but is not looking to spend at an audiophile level.  This class of speakers typically surprise our clients with how great they sound once they’re hooked up and streaming.  If you are interested in Hi-res audio, this is where you should start.

Phantom PP Series Speakers
3-way in ceiling speaker

Eclipse Speaker

With the next level of speakers, the “Eclipse” speaker class is designed for serious listeners.  These are high-end home theater or living room area speakers that are designed to be entered into “Best of” competitions at audio shows around the world.  When you step into this class expect to see some physical differences in the speaker such as a 3-way configurations , more durable build materials, and designer aesthetics.  But of course this technology will come with a price point that will honor the engineering and technological advancements that were needed to produce such a fantastic sound.  If you do not consider yourself an audiophile, yet you can afford the price tag, this class of speakers will be perfect for your listening requirements.

Master Speaker

Well this is it ladies and gentlemen, the Frank Sinatra, Babe Ruth, Tom Brady, Jack Nicklaus of speakers, the Master class of speakers.  Expect greatness when listening to these speakers and they will deliver.  When only the best will do, our master class delivers notes from the Miles Davis album that you may have never heard before.  Like a fine French wine that can only be found on the Riviera, this class will only be found in the most devoted audio enthusiasts homes and yachts.  When only the best of the best will do, choose a “Master” class of speaker.

Master class audio
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