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Media Backup Service

CDs and DVDs take up valuable space and are easily damaged.  Our service backs up all of your media onto a hard drive or one of our Media Servers. Protect your media investment and stream all of your media throughout your boat.  Save Gigabytes of storage space on your phone or tablet by keeping all of your music and movies on an NAS Media Server.

No Internet, No Problem

Keep the party going, without the need for an internet connection.  With all of your media an NAS media server, there is no need for an internet connection to enjoy all of your favorite movies and music.  Wirelessly stream different music to different zones on your boat, without an internet connection.  Add an Apple TV to any TV and send stored movies and shows to your flat screen television.

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  • Back up required CDs and DVDs
  • Saving media to one of our NAS hard drives
  • Setting up Plex media software on NAS
  • Shipping back all media and configured hard drive

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NAS Media Server

Out on the high seas high speed internet is not always a viable option.  Even when it is available, it’s extremely expensive to stream music and high definition video.   A customized Network Attached Storage (NAS) hard drive will store thousands of CDs and DVDs in one compact enclosure without the need for an internet connection. 

We can even backup all of your existing CDs and DVDs to the drive with our Media Backup service.  If you have our Plug & Play service, we will configure your Media Server with your system before it ships at no additional charge.

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