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NAS Media Server

It’s more than a hard drive, it’s also a server.  What does that mean?  This Network Attached Storage (NAS) server eliminates the need for a computer to stream your media.  With award-winning software Plex built-in, your media files will be organized in a simple, easy to navigate fashion.  Wirelessly stream music to the V-Berth speakers or send a movie to your Apple TV in the starboard cabin, the media server does it all.  Oh yeah, it only takes up the size of about 10 DVD cases!

all of your media, not a lot of space

Dimensions: 4.28″ W x 5.28″ H x 8.51″D – Store thousands of songs and movies on a single compact drive.  With a media server on the boat, you and your guests will always have access to entertainment.

Plex Media Software

Our media server hard drives have Plex media software built-in.  This means that you can use one organized app on your phone or tablet to access and stream all of your media, no computer required.

100 -240v ~ 50/60 Hz

 Weather your yacht was built in the United States or around the world, our NAS media servers work with any power requirement.  

Integrate with Apple TV

Add an Apple TV to your TV to stream movies stored on your NAS media server.  With Plex you will get an organized view of all of your media, movies and music, on your TV screen.  Leave all of your DVDs at home to be scratched, your yacht doesn’t have the space for waste.

No Internet, No Problem

Keep the party going, without the need for an internet connection.  We provide solutions geared specifically to yachts that travel the ocean where a reliable high speed internet connection isn’t always an option.  All of our products are designed to work with, or without, an internet connection.

One size does not fit all

Our media servers come in a variety of sizes.  Each drive consists of two hard drive for extra space or as an automatic backup using RAID technology.  Setting up a RAID will copy all of the data from one hard drive to the other, storing all of your data twice.  If you setup a RAID, please be aware that the numbers below would be cut in half due to storage constraints.

4 Terabyte (TB) NAS

367,921 Songs CD Quality (44.1 kHz, 320Kbps)

21,509 Song Hi-Res Quality (192 kHz, 24bit)

1,702 Movies DVD Quality

*Approximate numbers



8 Terabyte (TB) NAS

 735,843 Songs CD Quality (44.1 kHz, 320Kbps)

43,018 Song Hi-Res Quality (192 kHz, 24bit)

3,404 Movies DVD Quality

*Approximate numbers



16 Terabyte (TB) NAS

 1,471,686 Songs CD Quality (44.1 kHz, 320Kbps)

86,036 Song Hi-Res Quality (192 kHz, 24bit)

6,808 Movies DVD Quality

*Approximate numbers



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Media Backup Service

Our Media Backup Service will preserve all of your existing CDs and DVDs and store them on your media server.  This gives instant access to all of your music and movies stored and can be streamed to any room using an Airplay or Chromecast enabled device (WiFi Amplifiers, Apple TV, etc).  No need to take up storage on your phone or tablet, leave all of the media on the boat for anyone to use.


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