Complimentary Design Services


Plug and Play

Our Plug and Play service is just that, plug in your system and play your favorite music.  No need to configure or program anything.  It’s all customized for you right out of the box.


Media Back-Up

CDs and DVDs used to be the only way to be entertained on your vessel.  The audio/video industry seems to be so focused on home use, they forgot about your vessel’s needs.  The problem is most of the technologies require an internet signal which is not ideal when you’re out to sea.  Unreliable and expensive cellular or satellite rates have been your only internet options.  Space wasting (and often broken) media like CDs and DVDs have never been ideal. Our media backup service gives you all of your media, without the internet.  

Design Services

Basically, we do it for you!  Send us some very basic information about your project and we will design the entire system for you, free of charge!  Let our product professionals work with you to create an amazing entertaining atmosphere.


We would love to hear from you!  Drop us a line, email or check us out on social media.

Vessel audio

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