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 Smart Home

Energy savings, convenience,  security, and overall awesomeness are reasons to have a smart home.  A smart home takes the guesswork out of your home.  Always connected, always knowing.

WiFi Network

A wifi network that is “just ok” actually sucks.  Your smart home, music, entertainment, and school work all rely on the internet so ensuring you have proper coverage is important.

Energy Efficiency

 A smart light dimmer automatically saves 4-9% per dimmer in electricity over a typical on/off switch.  A smart thermostat saves 12-15% in HVAC costs per year.  And a Sense smart energy monitoring system can save thousands of dollars in wasted energy costs.

Smart Devices

Adding a digital lock to your door adds security of knowing who is coming and going through your house.  Add a doorbell camera or a surveillance system to really get an idea of what is happening around your property.  Preheat your oven from your phone as you leave the grocery store.  Just a few examples of the thousands of smart devices on the market. 

Instantly OvrC (oversee) Your Home

With our OvrC monitoring system, your IHA service technician can typically solve tech problems in an instant!  With remote access to most of your components, OvrC can run firmware upgrades, reset problematic WiFi, and run various speed tests with alerts which eliminate potential entertainment down time.

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We are proud of our company’s name.  You want your home automation system to work in an instant, you deserve service in an instant, and nothing is going to happen unless we reply to you in an instant!

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