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  Smart Lighting

Energy efficient, convenient, secure

A properly designed lighting system makes life so much easier.  Appropriate lighting can help you sleep better at night and energize you more in the morning.  It can create a mood scene with the touch of one button, instead of adjusting multiple dimmers around a room.  Lighting can turn a typical outdoor landscape into a magical wonderland. 


Not just smart, brilliant.

Lutron RadioRA 2

Lutron is the pinnacle when it comes to smart lighting. 

Design: It’s elegant design with a slew of colors to choose from is an interior designers preference

Intuitive Control:  Although you can control your system with an app or your voice, many of use still want to push a button to control their lights

Robust Interface: Lutron’s patented technology Clear Connect has an uptime of 100%, even when the internet goes out.

Clare Controls - Security

Clare Controls ecosystem is comprised is an all in one solution for security, home automation, video monitoring, and lighting wrapped into one app.  They offer a variety of lighting products to keep your energy bills low,  your home properly illuminated, and your family secure.

Color Ambiance

This is where the real fun happens in lighting.  You can set the mood of a room, adjust the colors to a comfortable reading level, or have some real fun for a party.  The proper design of a lighting system enhances the overall feel of the home.

Landscape Lighting

When the outside of a home is properly lit, it will stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.  Landscape lighting adds luxurious curb appeal by highlighting trees, walkways, and other features of your lawn that are pleasing to the eye.  A new sense of security is automatically implemented with intruders avoiding lit up exteriors.  Lastly, it brings a warm, cozy, welcoming feeling to you when you pull into your driveway at night.

Energy Conservation

Installing dimmers and occupancy sensors reduce energy usage by about 20% and your bulbs will last longer too by 2-3 times.  Adding a daylight sensor in a kitchen automatically adjusts the lighting based on the amount of natural light coming into a room, saving energy without you knowing it.

Think twice before installing standard switches in your home and go smart instead!

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