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Finally, a simple streaming amplifier

The all new VSSL A.6x brings music to up to six different rooms.  Wirelessly stream music to any room using your devices Apple Airplay 2 or Google Chromecast, or your voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Home.  Streaming music to speakers around your home, yacht, or business has never been so easy.

a.6x front



Hi-Res music 24-bit/192 khz

No need to sacrifice quality for convenience.  Hi-Res music delivers audio quality beyond that of a compact disc (CD).  Hi-Res Audio pushes your speakers to pure audio performance. 

native streaming

Don’t learn another new app.  The A.6x uses any music app like Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora Radio with utilities already built into your Apple or Google device using Airplay 2 & Chromecast. 

local inputs

Listen to audio from any source like a television, turntable, or other devices in any or all audio zones.

A.6x Airplay 2 amplifier

6 Zones 

The A.6x allows for music to be wirelessly streamed six different zones (rooms).  The luxurious yet simple amplifier allows you to stream six different music choices in six different rooms, or the same music choice in all six rooms!

Need more than 6 zones?  You can add another A.6x for 12 zones or try one of our A.3x and A.1x for a three and single zone add-on option.


Voice Control

Control your music with a simple voice command, “Alexa, play Dua Lipa in the living room.”

Looking for a custom integration solution for voice control?  Check out products like Orro or Brilliant Tech with Amazon Alexa voice built-in.  These in-wall controllers give you smart home automation and integration with VSSL.


Alexa and Google
Native Audio Streaming

Simplified Streaming

A highlight of the VSSL amplifiers is the simplified way to stream your music.  There is no need to download and learn a new app.  In fact, you can use the same music app you already are familiar with and wirelessly stream it to any set of speakers in the house.  


D.I.Y. System

That’s right, you can do it yourself!   VSSL amplifiers take only about 30 minutes to fully install and program, and no you do not need a PhD to do so.  Future firmware updates are done automatically over your network, and are always 100% free!  Eliminate monthly service contracts, technician visits, and sales calls for your audio video system.

And don’t forget, we provide a lifetime of free technical support for all of our clients.  So if you do get stuck, don’t stress out, contact us for our 5-star support.



Native Audio Streaming
VSSL X Amplifiers
Voice Controlled Ecosystem

A.6x Specifications

AmplifierClass D, 50 watt @ 8 Ω RMS, 50 watt @ 4 Ω RMS
Inputs(6) Matrixed Analog, (1) Optical, (1) IR, (1) Network
Inputs (ex.)Turntable, TV, CD player
Wireless inputsAirplay2, Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, Alexa Cast
Outputs(6) Matrixed Analog*, (1) Network
Outputs (ex.)Subwoofer, Surround Receiver, External Amplifier
EQ(6) Matrixed Analog, (1) Network
S/N Ratio>101 dB
Frequency Response20 - 50,000 Hz
Rack Space2U
Dimensions (No Feet)17” W x 3.46” H x 14” D
Dimensions (With Feet)17” W x 4.7” H x 14” D
Network Knowledge BaseView
Info SheetDownload
a.6x front
A.6x Airplay 2 amplifier

Speaker Bundles

Contact our sales team today to get matched up with the perfect speakers for your multi-zone VSSL amplifier.  We a variety of speakers to fit a size, environment, or quality you are looking for.  

Don’t forget to use and enjoy our complimentary free technical design services.  Our technicians can design your entire audio system from amplifiers to speakers and proper wiring for any project. 


Whole Home Speakers


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