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VSSL Multi-Zone Audio System

Meet the NEW family

The VSSL Wi-Fi audio system is available in six, three, and single-zone streaming amplifiers. An elegant solution fixated on simplicity.

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VSSL 6-Zone Amplifier

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VSSL 3-Zone Amplifier

VSSL Single-Zone Amplifier

Listen anywhere or everywhere

VSSL streams your music to any zone you want or group zones together to make a party zone.  Your guests will love the ability to independently stream their music to an audio zone.

New! VSSL "X"

Unleash Your Music - now in stock!


Alexa and Google

Voice Activated

HiResolution Audio


Speaker voice control

Use Amazon Alexa, Siri, or Google Home with your VSSL “X” amplifier to control what and where your music is played in your house. “Hey Alexa, play my party playlist on the back porch.”

HiResolution Audio 

24-bit/192 kHZ audio streaming. Hi-Res music delivers audio quality beyond that of a compact disc (CD). Deliver elite audio quality to your speakers.

Learn More about Hi-Res Audio

Airplay 2 and Chromecast

VSSL uses native streaming meaning you can use the apps you already use, like Pandora Radio, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes to stream your music.

Apple Airplay 2 and Android Chromecast are utilities built into all Apple and Android devices, therefore no extra configuration or downloads are needed.

Size Matters

Compact, durable, easy to use.  Three terms you always want to hear when it comes to boating.  VSSL doesn’t require clumsy remote controls or bulky amplifiers.  Sit back and enjoy.

Marine Speakers

We sell a variety of high quality marine-rated speakers that match well with the rest of the products we offer.  Feel free to contact us with any questions to get the right fit for your boat.

Marine Amplifiers

Our amplifiers are made from the highest quality of materials for harsh marine environments.  These amplifiers are designed to add more power to speakers, add an additional zone of music, or both!

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